Upward Soccer

June and July 2012
First Baptist MAC, Brandon, Florida

Upward is the best program I have seen in all my years of recreational sports. First Baptist Church of Brandon conducts Upward Basketball and Upward Soccer. Soccer is played indoors on the basketball courts with a few rule modifications, and it works!

This year Sandra and Anne coached Sydney's team, the Bears; and Jay and Steve coached United, the team of Seth and Savanah.


Front Row: Austin Leamon, Jake Abrams, Breana Nix, Seth Roberts
Back Row: Steve Roberts, Rachel Wilson, Conner Kernohan, Savanah Roberts, Jay Braden

Front Row: Wwww, Xxxx, Yyyy, Sydney Roberts, Zzzz
Back Row: Anne Braden, Aaaa, Bbbb, Cccc, Sandra Roberts