Roberts Family Grows!!!

July 2012
What? You were expecting something like a sonogram?

Yes, the new arrival is Grace, a four month old black schnoodle, a cross between a Schnauzer a Poodle. This is a $pecial addition to the family, as Grace had to be non-allergenic.

This wonderful addition added new dimensions to the concept of credit card debt, even after paying the breeder. Let's see: puppy food, puppy toys, puppy bed, puppy vet, puppy groomer, puppy accident cleaner uppers and disinfectants, puppy shots . . .

And then there was - and is - the regular walks outside. This adds a new dimension to the question, "How long can we be away from the house?"

We love puppies!!!

_ _ _

The Schnoodle is very loyal to his family, affectionate, extremely intelligent, easily trained, clever, friendly, fun loving, with plenty of personality! They are good with children and get along fine with other animals. They are great watchdogs because they will let you know when someone is near, but they are non-aggressive. They not yappy dogs unless you allow them to take over your home. They love car rides. This great companion dog excels in obedience, agility, flyball, and make excellent therapy dogs, they are first and foremost a loyal and loving companion! They would be fine in an apartment or on a farm, as long as they are with their family. These dogs are so loyal and affectionate they would not be happy kept outdoors. As far as exercise, the Schnoodle is very adaptable. A game of fetch played in the house or a five mile jog, either one is fine with them. Because the Poodle and the Schnauzer both do not shed, the Schnoodle does not shed so they must be brushed weekly and clipped every 6 to 12 weeks depending on the length of hair preferred. The Schnoodle sheds little to no hair and is considered good for allergy sufferers. The weight of an adult schnoodle can range from 716 pounds, which is good news for Mosbie, who will evidently alway outweigh Grace.