Fun in Orlando

I-Drive Kart Racing - Escape Game - Pirates' Dinner Theater
January 3-4, 2019

Jay and Joyce traveled with Karen and Cathy and their three children, Braden, Daylin, and Skyler, to Orlando for a couple of days of fun. We stayed in the Westgate Resort, which was nice, and bought Four-Event Orlando Discover Passes for everyone. The kart driving was exciting, and we played some video games while waiting to ride. Next was the Escape Game, where we tried the Mission Mars scenario and successfully escaped (thanks to a team effort and special thanks to the triplets). Then it was food and a show at the Pirates' Dinner Theater. That show is always a good time. The next day we were back at the Escape Game for The Heist scenario and we again escaped (again a team effort with more thanks to the triplets), and were given tee shirts for our second visit. A good time.

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