Welcome: Luke Collins Braden

Opelika, Alabama
May 9, 2017

We learned in late August that Robert and Natalie and their family would be blessed with yet another addition. We were all so excited and happy. Later we learned that the projected due date was May 10.

In general, Natalie had an uneventful pregnancy- the best kind - and everything looked good from her regular checkups with her doctor.

The only potential hiccup was that Roberts MBA class had a trip to China planned in late April, so an early arrival of Baby Braden might create a few issues.

Fortunately, Robert returned in plenty of time and the happy day was May 9. Luke Collins Braden arrived at six pounds 14 ounces and 19 inches. And all was well with mom and baby, Praise the Lord.

Rusty, Anne, Ryan Kent, and Bonnie Jane made the trip up from New Orleans to Alabama to be there with Robert and Natalie and their boys.

Odds are that Robert and Natalie will be able to sleep through the night sometime in the year 2019.

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