Joyce's Cataract Surgery (Right Eye)

Brandon, Florida
June 2, 2020

Joyce began wearing glasses late in her teenage years. Glasses were evetually superceded by contacts for many years. But at some point her eyes did some self correction and for a while now she has gone without glasses except when needed for reading fine print.

But the situation got to the point where she realized that she needed some type of vision correction so she scheduled an appointment with a nearby Eye Clinic and spoke with a very well regarded highly credentialed, and personable eye doctor, . Joyce needed cataract replacements. She agreed upon a procedure and a price. The right eye would be the first, and nine days later the procedure would be done on the left eye.

The surgery was performed professionally at the Brandin Surgery Center by Dr. Fisher, and without complications; Joyce remain conscious and communicated with the medical team throughout.

The next day she had a Post Op visit, and that went well; and then three days before her second surgery there was another check up just to confirm things were progressing completely as expected.


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