Joyce's Cataract Surgery (Left Eye)

Brandon, Florida
June 11, 2020

Joyce completed her second cataract surgery on the morning of June 11th.

Earlier the day before, on the 10th, Joyce had received a call from one of the staff members at the Surgery Center, checking on one of the entries Joyce had made on her pre-admission form. The nice staffer who called then got to spend probably the longest ten minutes of her life as Joyce, the CCRN, explained the physiological aspects and rationale for the entry in excruciating and mind-numbing detail; the bottom line being "don't worry about it."

Later on the 10th Dr. Fisher called to check on Joyce and give her the status on where should stood "in line" for the next morning's procedure.

We were up at 5 AM, to be there by 6 AM. It turned out that Joyce was was "first on the table." And - as with the previous surgery- she remaining conscious throughout and maintained an interesting dialogue with the medical team.

All went well, and her surgery was complete by around 8:15 AM. Prayers answered!


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