Grand Cayman

April 4-8, 2019

Jay and Joyce decided celebrate their first anniversary by traveling to Grand Cayman from 4 to 8 April, 2019.

They found a nice set of accommodations in an area that is called West Bay and booked a fully equipped apartment in a seven-apartment complex called Calypso Cove. Their flight to the Cayman Islands went though Miami, but all went well and they were on the ground by noon Cayman time.

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The first order of business, after Customs, was to pick up their rental car. That process was also uneventful except that people in the Caymans, following their British heritage, drive on the left and so the steering wheel on their vehicle was on the right. Also, the turn signal and wiper switches were reversed and Jay spent five days accidentally turning on the wiper blades when he was actually trying to signal a turn.

And it got even more challenging. Jay and Joyce had recently been to Carmel, Indiana, to visit Jay’s Mom, and Carmel is known as the traffic circle capital of the US. Negotiating a traffic circle is not difficult, but it does require some getting used to. Guess what? Grand Cayman also had traffic circles, so within about a 10 day period Jay was driving on the right in counterclockwise traffic circles and driving on the left in clockwise traffic circles. Whew!

While in Grand Cayman they did the normal tourist things: feeding and kissing the very large denizens of Stingray City, snorkeling and using Cheerios to help attract the fish, handling the inhabitants of Starfish Pointe (near Rum Point on the map), and observing and touching some of the population of the government’s Cayman Turtle Centre. They also enjoyed the water at Seven Mile Beach and their tour of the Crystal Caverns (near the North Side mark on the map). They also made the required stop at the three building town of Hell so they could send a postcard to themselves to prove they had been to Hell and Back.

They shopped for breakfast, lunch, and snack items at a local grocery store and enjoyed eating out at local restaurants. Somehow conch fritters always seemed to be ordered.

But the fun was over way too soon. The car was turned in - somehow still in the same condition as when they checked it out, despite a few scares associated with occasionally forgetting that Caymanians drive on the left.

The flight back was through Charlotte, and was scheduled to get back to Tampa well after midnight, but at Charlotte there was an earlier Tampa flight that had been delayed and a good natured American Airlines agent let Jay and Joyce on it, so they did get back into Tampa an hour earlier than initially scheduled.

A good trip!