Cinny the Puppy is Seven Months Old

Valrico, Florida
June 8, 2020

On June 8th Cinnabar (Cinny) Braden celebrated the seventh month anniversary of her birth.

She has grown from about four pounds to nearly 12. She can jump up on the couch to help Jay and Joyce watch TV. She will bark and yelp when she wants to play but thinks she is somehow not getting enough attention. She is friends with everyone she meets. The people at the Vet Office really love her; she has a great personality.

She watches out our doorway and growls menacingly at neighbors walking past the house, especialy those walking a dog.

She has now had two haircuts and two baths at PetSmart. She hates baths and whines all the time while receiving them.

She paces the house whenever Joyce is away - just waiting for her "mother" to return.

She is the sweetest dog ever.

Yes, she has changed our lives.


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