Summer Cruise to the Bahamas

Carnival Ecstasy
Port Canaveral - Freeport - Nassau - Half Moon Cay
August 3-8, 2013
There were 19 of us and WE HAD FUN. Thanks to Nanny for helping out with some room upgrades. Rob and Nat and kids came in from Alabama; Anne and Rusty came in from New Orleans. Thanks to everyone for sharing your precious vacation time.

Andrew came through again with some great tee shirts. On the back we had:

    You might be cruisin’ with the Bradens if. . .
    1. You have eaten two huge meals before the ship pulls away from the dock.
    2. You wear your bathrobe to the life boat drill.
    3. You still laugh at the Welcome Aboard session joke about how the toilets flush.
    4. You are already discussing the dates of your next cruise.
    5. You get “volunteered” into trying to save 19 seats for the evening show.
    6. You pack four suitcases and only wear two outfits.
    7. Your cabin attendant makes your bed more times in a day than you do at home in a month.
    8. You bring two gym outfits but never even look for the gym.
    9. Everyone in the family has ship-on-a-stick trophies on the mantle at home.
    10. You get talked into wearing this tee shirt.

The Ecstasy had a water park on the ship and that was fun for the kids. Yes, we did a lot of eating and the first two ports were okay, but the beach day at Half Moon Cay was the best.