Arlington National Cemetery

August 15, 2014

As per her wishes, Bonnie was interred in Arlington National Cemetery. Many of her family members plus good friends Barabara Wright and her sister Brenda Howard attended the ceremony.

The family met at the Visitor Center and was provided a private waiting room. There we met Ann Erdman from the funeral home who had received Bonnie's remains and escorted them to the cemetery. We also met William Young, the Arlington representative who presided over the arrangements, and Chaplain (Captain) Theodore Randall, who would speak at the service. Chaplain Randall had read about Bonnie (MiMi) and said kind words about her both at the Visitor Center and for her service.

The weather was excellent: relatively cool for August with clear skies.

At the appropriate time we followed the hearse to the burial site, where a team from the Third Infantry, the nation's Honor Guard, were waiting to move Bonnie's remains to her gravesite.

The ceremony was as wonderful as possible, under the circumstances. We were honored, following the formal ceremony, to have Rusty offer some kind and encouraging words. It was so nice to have him participate.

Following the ceremony we remained while the grave was completed. Then we also visited the nearby graves of Barbara and Brenda's parents, the grave of Bonnie's father, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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Outside the Visitor Center
Inside the Visitor Center

Procession to the grave site
Met by the Honor Guard
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